Reiki is the universal Energy of life

The word "Reiki" comes from the Japanese and means universal life energy. By laying hands on the body, blocked energy channels are reopened and life energy can flow more freely again. Everything comes back into flow and our self-healing powers are activated.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki relaxes, loosens emotional and physical blockages and increases physical well-being. Reiki gives us the ability to recognize deep-seated and repressed fears and blockages. By working through, we close open circles and create space for new things in our lives.

But how is that to be explained? What is the basis of how we deal with life energy?

According to everything we know about it today, the way Reiki works is based, to put it simply, on the phenomenon of the change in vibration. Illness, anger or stress put the human organism in a disharmonious state. As a result, the vibrations in the body get confused. Through the effect of the universal life energy on the organism that has lost its balance, the disharmonious state can be returned to a harmonious vibration.



The Reiki treatment is carried out fully clothed while lying down. Comfortable sports or leisure clothing is an advantage. A treatment takes about 1 hour. During the first Reiki treatment, general blockages are released and the ability to absorb energy is increased by laying hands on certain energy centers on the front and back of the body. The therapist perceives blockages in the body and recognizes the areas that absorb more energy. Depending on your wishes, the treatment can also be carried out completely contactless. Then the hands are held at a distance of 10-30 cm above the body. This is easily possible since the energy is also transmitted through space. The possibilities are always discussed in advance and tailored to existing wishes.