connect with the power of nature

"And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul" John Muir

in nature you are a part of everything

 We are all connected to nature and the endless cycle of life. Just as the trees are connected by their subterranean roots, you can also remember your connection with nature, with the trees.
The healing powers of the forest, the trees, the herbs and the pure essences have accompanied us humans throughout our developmental history. About 7 million years ago, our ancestors set out on the path that led to the people who live today. But it was only 200 to 300 years ago that the industrial revolution, that defines our lifestyle today, started. We lived 99.99 percent of our development in the forest, by the river, by the sea, in the savannah with and in nature. Our body and soul have all the sensors and abilities they need to absorb all nutrients, messenger substances, energies and informations from nature to feel part of the whole again. All we have to do is perceive, allow and receive.

The positive effects of forest bathing-shinrin-yoku


  • Improvement of weakend immunity, with an increase in the count of natural killer (NK) cells, which are known to fight tumours and infection
  • Increased relaxation of the body due to increased acivity in the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Reduced stress of the body due to a reduction in sympathetic nervous system activity
  • Reduction in blood pressure after only 15 minutes of forest therapy
  • General wellbeing, reduced feeling of stress, more inner peace and less anxiety
  • Reduction in blood pressure after 1 day of forest therapy, which lasts up to 5 days after therapy
  • verstärktes Wohlbefinden, mehr innere Ruhe, mehr Ausgeglichenheit und weniger Angst

have been proven primarily by Japanese researchers in years of studies. Japanese researcher Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki was one of the pioneers of Japanese Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing). When he began his studies, he wanted to find out why we feel relaxed when we are in nature. In 2004 he received extensive funding from the Japanese government and started a large-scale research project. What he found out led to a change in the japanese health system and they included forest therapies as a part of their programmes. It is amazing that the forest supports and helps us individually. For example, the blood pressure of people suffering from low blood pressure rises and that of people suffering from high blood pressure, falls. When we come into contact with parks, forests and  plants we relax because our body is adapted to nature. Researchers in Pennsylvania found out, that just looking out of the hospital window at green nature has a high valued positive effect on patients' recovery after surgery. They recovered faster, were able to leave the hospital sooner and needed less pain medication. Trees have always fascinated us humans and studies show that even the smell of wood has a positive effect on us humans.

In his book The Biophilia Effect, the Austrian biologist Clemens G. Arvay describes his research results on the bond between humans and nature in a fascinating way. He shows how we are able through our awareness, conciousness, trance and meditation to increase even more the positive effects that forests have on us. Try it yourself and

join us on a little forest journey

Now just close your eyes for a short moment, imagine you are in a beautiful forest, maybe it is your favorite forest, maybe a mystical forest that only exists in your imagination. You look down at your feet and feel the soft forest floor, the roots of the plants around you are firmly anchored in this soil and they share this information of rootedness with you. You feel secure and rooted. Mother Earth gives you everything you need to live. Your basic trust returns to you and strengthens with every step and with every moment that you spend in this forest. You look up at the crowns, feel them slowly moving in the wind, feel the vastness, the freedom, the limitless possibilities of the vastness of the sky and they also share this information with you and you notice how you feel freer again and open more for all the wonderful things that surround you.

learn to multiply the positive effects of forest bathing through fantasy and imagination

We go into the forest and learn through trance, hypnosis, fantasy journeys, meditative and sensory exercises to become more aware of our connection with nature and to bathe in forest energy.

dates 2022:

02.9.2022 bis 04.9.2022

15.9.2022 bis 17.9.2022


3 days with 5 hours

Number of participants: minimum 4 and maximum 12 people



at our beautiful forestplace in Sweden in Tågsjötorp
on the meadow and in the forest
Weather-adjusted in bad weather, sometimes briefly in our group room

Price: 3111 SEK/311€
see also terms and conditions for workshops

Included in the price: detailed script, Swedish fika (coffee, tea and sweets) during the breaks

Where to sleep?

You are looking for accommodation for the time of the workshop? We have various options on our premises. You are welcome to bring your own tent or camper. In some cases, accommodation in the guest houses is also possible. You will also find various accommodation options in the surrounding. Talk to us about it, we will be happy to help you.

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