Are you longing for a positive change in your life and are you willing to invest your time, energy and personal power, than


is one of the best methods you can choose

start a self-healing process for all unwanted mental and physical manifestations, disorders and traumatas.

In Hypnosis you communicate directly with your subconciousness. Avoiding all the critical factors in your conscious mind, you have the power to reach even goals and behaviour changes, where you thought, they would be far out of reach and much to challenging to be able to bring them into your life.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

My personal motto is: Don't make it too complicated!

Hypnotherapy is a very old method that was widely used in earlier times and since many scientific studies have proven its effectiveness to improve and support health and to bring positive change more and more people are resorting to this basic technique. There are different hypnosis techniques for different types of people, but they all combine the same basics:

  • The hypnotherapist assists the client in reaching a deeply relaxed state of mind called a trance.
  •  In trance we can communicate directly with our subconscious. We have access to buried or repressed experiences. In this way we can find and  solve  the causes of fears, blockages and physical manifestations.
  • In dialogue with the subconscious we start the self-healing process and thus bring the changes in our lives that we long for.

You'll be amazed  how deeply relaxed and refreshed you feel after a hypnosis session, even though the session itself sometimes involves some work. Afterwards you have this great feeling of energy and relaxation. And you know that you have taken the step towards a better, healthier and more self-determined life.

Those who go their own way grow wings - old folk wisdom

Please do not hesitate to contact me no matter how insurmountable or difficult your problem may seem at that moment. As long as you have the will to change, change is always possible.