Hypno- Forest Bathing

a combination of hypnosis and forest bathing

We are all connected to nature and the endless cycle of life. Just as the trees are connected through their subterranean roots, so you can remember and awaken your connection with nature, with the trees.

Learn to multiply the positive effects of forest bathing through fantasy and imagination

Now just close your eyes for a moment, imagine you are in a beautiful forest, maybe it is your favorite forest, maybe a mystical forest that only exists in your imagination. You look down at your feet and feel the soft forest floor, the roots of the plants around you are firmly anchored in this soil and they share this information of rootedness with you. You feel secure and rooted. Mother Earth gives you everything you need to live, your basic trust returns to you and strengthens with every step and every moment you spend in this forest and you look up at the crowns, feel how they slowly move in the wind, feel the vastness, the freedom, the limitless possibilities of the vastness of the sky and they share this information with you and you notice how you feel freer again and more open to all the wonderful things that surround you.

magical places

that inspire us, soothe us,
relax and recharge our batteries


Companions, friends and loving supporters


We are a part of nature and are always connected to her

Benefits that you experience after a session of forest therapy

  • Improvement of weakened immunity, with an increase in the count of natural killer (NK) cells, which are known to fight tumors and infections
  • Increased relaxation of the body due to increased activity in the parasympathic nervous system
  • Reduced stress of the body due to reduction in sympathetic nervous system activity
  • Reduction in blood pressure after only 15 minutes of forest therapy
  • Reduced feelings of stress and a general sense of wellbeing
  • Reduction in blood pressure after 1 day of forest therapy, which lasts up to 5 days after a therapy


The healing powers of the forest, the trees, the herbs and the pure essences have accompanied us from the beginning of human existence on earth.  We lived 99 percent of our development in the forest, by the river, by the sea, in the savannah with and in nature. Your body and your soul have all the sensors and abilities they need to absorb all nutrients, messenger substances, energies and information from nature and to feel part of the whole again. All you have to do is perceive, allow and receive. 

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