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Possible tour with approx. 3-4 weeks and overnight stays on scenic, remote campsites and individual guest houses and lodges: from Windhoek to the fascinating rocky landscapes of Damaraland - to the rock paintings of Twyfelfontein - to the natural pool of Ongongo/Sesfontein - and from here to the endless expanses of Kaokoland with one of the last original nomadic cultures of the Himbas and off-road via the Kunene to the Kavango Region with Mahango and Buffalo Park and its original African tradition - to Namibia's most famous national park, the Etosho National Park - and back over the world-famous Waterberg Plateau to Windhoek.


The heart of my trip is northern Namibia with Kaokoland and the Kavango region. In order to experience Namibia, you have to have crossed the Veterinary Fence and immersed yourself in the "real Africa". In the northern part we are very close to the local population and, in addition to the fascinating landscape and wildlife, we can also get to know the local culture. Since I worked in the Kavango for three years, you can experience Africa with me beyond the mainstream tourism. Of course, the tour starts in Windhoek. From here it is possible to continue to Twyfelfontein via the very scenic rocky region of Damaraland and visit the world-famous rock paintings with a local guide. If you want an off-road experience, you should visit Kaokoland. From Opuwo (which literally means up to here and no further) we set off into Kaokoland with its endless expanse. Both a visit to the nomadic culture of the Himbas, with their red body paint, which is extracted from a special local mineral and their traditional hairstyle, which indicates their respective status, and the roaring Kunenne waterfall are unforgettable experiences. We continue via the Kunene and a stopover in Ovamboland, which forms the most populous ethnic group in Namibia with over 50%, in the still very original region of the Kavangos. The Kavango with Rundu, Mahango and Buffalo Park is a must for anyone who wants to experience the "real" Africa. Here you can also get to know the peculiarities of the Kavangos, who mostly traditionally live in small embus (thatch and mud huts) in small settlements in the bush. grinding Mahango, take a boat trip with a mokoro, local dances and songs and the opportunity to visit local institutions such as hospitals and kindergardens give you a deeper insight into the local conditions, far away from mainstream tourism. Already heading south again we visit the Etosha National Park with its rich wildlife and the opportunity to experience the Big Five. It is always a highlight of the Namibia trip. With Africa in our hearts and souls, we begin our journey back to Windhoek via the well-known Waterberg.

Good to know

The tour can be tailored to your own wishes and places can be omitted or added. We mainly travel on C-roads and one should not underestimate the time it takes to drive in Namibia. The C-roads, which take up a large part of the route, are scenically attractive, but cannot be compared with our road network. You always have to calculate the kilometer distance times 2 in minutes. It can take an hour to travel 6 km on the D roads.
The tendplaces and accomodtions are  in fascinating landscapes and remote places. Not everything may always work according to plan, so we sometimes have to rely on our spirit of invention and discovery. But that is part of a trip to Africa and a bit of adventure and flexibility are good companions. The local population is very friendly and helpful and there is usually a good solution for every problem. A sustainable, respectful and responsible treatment of nature and the local population is very important to me and we should never forget that we are only guests in this country, just as we are all  guests on our earth.

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