Västernorrland lies on the border with northern Sweden and has a beautiful nature with many forests and lakes and  a rich wildlife, with some of the big predators such as brown bears, wolves and lynx. In our garden we sometimes have visits from deer, foxes and rabbits. The bird calls wake you up in the morning and you have the opportunity to hear many different birds such as cranes, wild geese and woodpeckers. We live here in the middle of nature in the middle of the forest by a beautiful lake. We live absolutely remote and it's a fantastic place for anyone who really loves nature and doesn't need city life.



In our cozy wooden guesthouse you can relax, unwind and feel good. The forest begins directly behind the house and invites you to explore, pick mushrooms, hike and cycle. The lake invites you to go boating and swimming and the small, cozy sauna is already waiting for you. In the vicinity there are numerous beautiful small hiking trails that give you the opportunity to get to know the Swedish fjäll.  Pure relaxation and recreation for everyone who just wants to leave everyday life behind and dive in nature.

The cozy little cabin with the sauna right next door is right on the lake. For everyone who loves pure wildlife.



Traveling with a tent or camper?

You are welcome to set up your tent or camper on our meadow or by the lake.