forester, Reiki Master/Teacher

"sacred human in training"

"the wild is not the opposite of cultivated. It is the opposite of the captivated"

 -vandana Shiva, Indian scientist and human rights activist.

During my work as a forester in Africa and Germany, I became more and more aware of how strongly our society is shaped by the pursuit of economic success. In forestry, too, financial success is often at the top of the bar.
The process is mechanized, prices are based on what is happening on the market and we quickly forget that the forest is the green lung of our planet for everyone, which has much more to offer than just wood or a Sunday walk.
The forest teaches us how incredibly connected life is, how we are all connected. Recent research has found that trees provide necessary water and nutrients for both their own offspring and other tree species when they are in need. There is a constant exchange of energy and information. And we as humans can learn to click into this network again in order to consciously be a part of the whole again.
Nature does not judge anything and it´s not judging us. Here we can find ourselves and listen to our soul. Here we find all the answers to go our own way.



Hypnotherapist, Naturopath, Reiki Master

If you want to be a medicine man, you must have experienced everything. If you don't experience the human side of everything, how can you teach or heal? To be a good medicine man you must be humble. You must be lower than a worm and higher than an eagle.

  "Lame Dear Lakota" (ancient Indian wisdom)


After many years of life experience in Africa and South America, I successfully completed my education as a naturopath in Zurich at the Paracelsus School in 2000.


Today I have specialized entirely in hypnosis and Reiki. For many years now i`m blessed to support individuals to overcome their hurdles and blocks and to reawaken their inner strength and power, that's there behind the veil of fear, anxiety, and worry.


A personal alliance of helpers is also available to you.

Your subconscious, your inner guardian, your own self-healing powers and your own immune system can become your strongest allies. NOW is the time to realize the potential you have, and start taking the steps to living the life you've always wanted. The life you truly deserve. Don't let others guide you, use your own potential to be the change you want to see in this world.